Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Randomness

You know when you have lots of stuff to do and your busy around the house cleaning or making dinner, then you notice you haven't heard a peep from your 2 year old in a few minutes... that can be nerve wracking.... I peak around the corner of her room to find her sitting reading her big library of books. She melts my heart when she just sits and reads. She actually says words and tells a story like she can really read them. It's amazing and makes me so happy that as parents we've installed the sense of wanting to read in her! Pat on the back to us!

Aunt Julie used to work at Home Depot and got her this a long time ago, she is finally fitting into it and wore it around the house today! Ready to help!

Alana is CRAZY over this birthday present she got from Chrissy and Kali. It's lots of animals of the alaphbet, each letter is realted to an animal. A is for Alligator, B is for Bear... Well the Giraffe is one of her favorites to carry around the house, to bring to the store. Friday night we picked up dinner from EPL and we got her a Quesidilla. She ate some of it and then held it up and said "Look mom, a giraffe"... I thought it was so funny, I'm happy to say my girl has a great imigination!!! I had to take a picture of it!

What I didn't get a picture of was the pink bead she had stuck up her nose when I came to pick her up at Grandma's house Friday after work... Really? At two years old already?? I thought we were going to have to make our first trip to the hospital. Grandma tried to get it out with a bobby pin... then Alana sneezed and it went way higher up her nose. I was so scared it might end up hurting her.... but after I held her down so Grandma could get to it, she was able to pull it out with the bobby pin! Thank God Grandma was there because I wouldn't have known what to do.... Oye!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Circus comes to town!

I had planned on buying tickets to the Circus next week when my cousin called and asked if wanted some extra tickets she had for tonight! I was so excited!! I don't ever remember going to the circus before, although my older sister said we went, but I must have been super little. Victor hasn't been since he was 10 and this would be Alana's first time! I am a big fan of the Cirque Du Soleil shows and I know they got the idea from the circus so I was so excited to see what the circus had to offer!

When we first got there they had the Elephants outside so you could see them before the show. The second we pointed them out to Alana she ran for the fence and let out a big shreak!! She was so excited to see them! It was really the cutest thing ever!

We waiting for them to let us into the "pre-show".

The pre-show was for the older crowd. Alana did not like the clowns and wanted nothing to do with them! She did like the little show they put on showing off an Elephant and a horse.

They gave out free clown nose's to anyone who would take one! ME!!

I wasn't sure of how she was going to react to the circus, I thought she might think a lot of it was boring and probably not intresting enough to keep a 2 year olds interest. I was wrong for the most part! The show started and all the performers came out, there was sooo much going on! They had all the normal acts, the strong man, people that could bend their bodies all crazy, the plate spinning girls... some really talented people work for the circus!

After a few really amazing acts, they brought out the Tigers! Alana loves Tigers so she thought it was pretty cool!

They were trained really well and could do lots of fun tricks!

Our favorite act was The Torres family. They are a family of 7 that ride motorcycles. ALL 7 OF THEM were in this little cage together, ridding around, it was one of the most amazing acts they have! They were millimeters from each other and never touched each other! I wish I had gotten video of them, they were really awesome!

Alana held onto Victor all night! Whenever she is unsure of something or a little scared... she wants her daddy!!

We had such a fun family night!

We wanted to get Alana something fun she'd love to remember the circus. She picked out a little Elephant with a blanket around it!

Although Victor and I thought the clown nose was so funny, Alana was scared to death of them! She didn't quite understand why we were putting those on our face. You can see it all in her face in this picture!

About 9:30 Alana was WAY past her bed time and was being so funny! She was so amazed at all that was going on she was making the funniest faces!

I love this girl!

The second half of the show they brought out those well trained Elephants!! The whole time we watched them all I could hear in my head was that song from Dumbo... PACHYDERM!

All the same stuff you probably have seen them do, but it was so cool to be there and see them do it in person!

Towards the end of the show the Ring Leader came out and told a story, all of the performers came out (and we are talking like 200 of them) they all got down on one knee to pay respect to something amazing... the whole time this was going on I was thinking they were going to bring out some kind of american hero with the way they were building it up... turns out this baby Elephant is the first in their history to be born in captivity... true Dumbo story! It was really cute and sweet! He was 1 1/2 old. Already learning how to do tricks. He was really cute!

As the show came to an end, Alana had been passed out on Victor for awhile, but we had to stay to see the rest of it! That's how good it was! I think with all the shows out there these days they really stepped up their game, it was like a vegas show with all the lights and music and special effects. I was really impressed at what the Circus has to offer these days... AMAZING!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer nights

Summer nights in the park have been so much fun this month! We get to spend the evening outside with all my favorite people! This week's concert was fun dance music!

These are priceless times with the family!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello my name is Dr. Greenthumb

So, I've been known to kill pretty much whatever I start growing.... I think I've finally turned that corner!! Look at my tomatoes!!!! I'm pretty excited about them!

It's been so hot out lately and the plants have taken a beating with the sun, but are still alive! And I have a handful of tomatoes growing on them! Not sure how large they will get but I can't wait until they turn a beautiful Angel red and I can sink my teeth into one!

I had nothing to do with my beautiful Plumeria flowers growing... but aren't they beautiful anyway??

Have you ever seen redish pink ones?? I never have! I'm enjoying them so much!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aunt time

Saturday afternoon Jacquie and I got to spend some time with Hailey. We never really get time for just the 3 of us, so it was a nice evening at Disneyland!

The only pictures we took all night were of us on the last flight to endor, Star Tours will close when the park closes on Monday. They are completely re-doing the whole ride. No clue how it will be when it reopens, but it will never be the same Star Tours again! I will miss the ride, it seems like when it opened it was amazing but as times passes by, it's pretty dated. But excited to see what is to come with it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aunt Ashley is here!

Every year since she moved away from me, Ashley and her family have come down for a week and rented a beach house right on the beach! We always take some time off while they are here to get in some quality time! Since Alana was born, the visits have changed a bit, but still good quality time!

Aunt Ashley and Alana

Alana LOVES the sand, and is so NOT my daughter... This is the cute shirt Ashley bought for Alana, it's purple and has butterflies, just perfect for me, I mean her.

The day was pretty cold out on the beach so we kept sweaters on but Alana still got her time to dig in the sand with Aunt Ashley and pick up a million shells.

This has got to be my favorite picture from that day! Ashley's sister Amy took some amazing pictures of Alana out on the beach, that I will post once she gets home and emails them to me! More beach pics to come!

Alana took to Uncle David the first time she laid eyes on him and loves him so much every time she see's him, she warms right up really fast!

Wednesday was the day down at the beach and Friday afternoon I picked Crystal up from work and headed out to Hermosa for Happy Hour! The beach house was on the strand semi-close to the pier, so we walked down to see how Happy, Happy hour was!
It was pretty happy! Cheers with my 2 bestest friends in the world!

Ash and her sister Lisa

Aunt Ashley and Uncle David

Living in Colorado apparently there is no sun... This girl doesn't own a pair of sunglasses. Clearly not a Cali girl!!! She borrowed mine and she looked so cute in them!! Ash, this is such a great picture of you!

Love these girls!

Me and Crystal

When you start drinking as early as we did for a great half price happy hour... bed times comes pretty fast!! Me and David had to take Ashley home to put her to bed! They had a 4 am wake up call the next morning.

Had a great time out with you guys! Lets pick another beach next year so we can stay with you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Sun-day!!!

In the birthday tradition of having your birthday in July, we gathered together and took Crystal to Glen Ivy again this year for her birthday!!

Birthday girl enjoying the sun!

Happy Birthday Bestest!!

Sun, drinks, pools, friends and MUDD!!! Oh baby!!

Crystal and her mama.

The perfect way to end the perfect day