Monday, October 31, 2011

#3 This is Halloween again!

On Sunday we headed out to Hollywood to the El Capitan where they were showing the Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D! It's one of Alana's favorite movies, and Victor's so it was a must in 4D! We had lunch before the movie in the Soda Shop connected to the El Capitan. Outside of the soda shop we found Mickey! She loves him!

Before the movie started we headed down into the secret room that was pretty empty to see a lot of different scene's from the movie. They had a whole showcase of figurines, posters and everything you can imagine NBC. It was fun to look at and see up close. This was my favorite! It was the famous hill that Jack walks on, it was BIG and real right in front of us which was really fun!

Alana's pre-school class was going to have a Halloween party and I was so excited to bake Halloween cupcakes or something fun. But by the time I knew there was a "list" to sign up to bring something there were only a few spots left and cupcakes and cookies were all taken. Jello was available... AND?!! I don't even eat the crap how am I supposed to make it cool for 3 year olds? I bake, I don't jello. ANYWAY.... Alana helped me put together some layered jello in cups for the kids, including worms in the middle of the layers! They came out cute and now that I've worked with jello, I kind of want to do something fun with it for every holiday. I still won't eat the crap, but I could see it would be fun to work with!!

Along with the Jello, Alana got to be in her first parade at Pre-school on Monday! She is the beautiful Snow White again!

She did well marching right along with the other kids. There was only one other Snow White surprisingly enough.

Alana's loves this little girl at school. It's her best friend this week! She calls everyone her best friend! Her and this girl walked the whole time holding hands just like BFF's! Super cute!

Did Snow White have a father? If she did, this would be the most handsome one of all! My new favorite picture!!! My man dressed to the T and his little Princess!

Me and my Snow White!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Dang she is beautiful!!!! We had a Harvest Festival at Victor's hotel and Alana had quite a few princess dresses to pick from. She wanted to be Snow White. How knows who she'll want to be for the party next weekend and then again for Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This is Halloween, This is Halloween

Here is my pre-Halloween post. There are always so many parties and fun things happening before Halloween so at this time of the year I always have like 3 posts for Halloween. Here is post 1.

For the past, forever months, Victor and I have been meaning to make it over to LACMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit. We finally made it over there last weekend! We knew Alana would love it because like her father she LOVES Nightmare before Halloween. The exhibit was everything Tim Burton though so it was a little too much for her I think. She did well and was very patient for us. Once you were in the exhibit you couldn't take any pictures which I was really bummed about because they had some of the coolest stuff displayed. All of Tim Burton's art work from forever ago. All of his journals and hand written papers of ideas. The talent that comes out of that man is amazing! Now I understand the love my husband has for everything Tim Burton does. Edward Scissor hands, Sleepy Hallow, Sweeney Todd, Alice and Wonderland and all the great and crazy movies he did. The exhibit had a little bit of everything!

While we were waiting for our tickets Alana played around at the Museum.

This was the opening of the exhibit and the last place to take a picture before we went in. Alana was not to excited about having anything to do with it. It was BIG and scary!

We carved pumpkins this weekend!! We bought two pretty good sized ones at Wal-mart for dirt cheap! Great deals on pumpkins are hard to find. Alana enjoyed pulling out the guts of the pumpkin!

She tried to help do the carving but she gave up and let me do it. The pumpkin has a harder shell then she realized!

Alana and I did the Minnie Mouse and Victor did the ghosts!

Minnie is still her favorite!

One night this week when daddy had to work late, Alana and I spent some time doing some Halloween craft time! She and I made these fun ghosts and hung them all along the outside of the house. Super easy, fun and cheap Halloween craft! We are ready for Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

For the love of Music

Years ago before my mom passed away she gave Victor and I some of her Beatles Albums. I'm pretty sure she gave them to Victor, but what's his is mine! And by Albums I mean actual vinyl records. I know it's crazy but I LOVE them! Yes, because they were from my mom but also because there is nothing like them. A vinyl record reminds me of the good ol' days. Not mine, but my parents. The days when they were young and loved to sit and listen to records. Those are the days I picture in my head when I see a record. Recently while Victor and I have a Saturday off together, we'll go to some of the garage sales around the house and find some awesome records. We've found some Beatles records and picked them up for .50 cents! While in Santa Barbara we found a few more. We've been adding to our little collection album by album. I found a great Madonna one that I LOVE! We mostly love them for the covers. We talk about framing them like posters.

Recently we've been looking to buy a record player. Yes, we were buying records without owning a record player. But we kept looking for one. We found some cool ones that had a USB drive to plug into a computer, but we didn't really want that. We wanted just a plain old fashion record player. Believe it or not, it was hard to find. This weekend we went into every antique store we could find in the orange circle. (And there are a LOT of them there.) After finding a few players we feel in love with this one! It was a great price and didn't have an 8-track player with it. It's beautiful!!

We got home and pulled out our Beatles records and played every single one of them! I know you may think I'm crazy, because I have every one of these songs on a CD or on our itunes, but there is something amazing about hearing a record playing. The cracks and the pops and that sound that makes is a record. It's amazing to listen to! Not to mention that the Beatles and these records will forever remind me of my mom. We spent a lot of time this weekend listening to the cracks and the pops on an old school record player! Alana is a child of the 2000's. But she already has an old soul and anything I can do to help her love of music I will do! Victor is working on building a one of a kind record shelf at home. One we can display the records we have but also take them out and listen to them, the way they should be kept! Pictures to follow.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

She does!

My sisters wedding was finally here!!! Lots of prep work was being done for her, food was being made, yard and house were being cleaned to the T. The weather was perfect. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding!!

Jacquie and Donovan spent a lot of time making favors for the wedding and they were the perfect touch!

Every space was filled with something to make it all come together!

They made these fans to act as a fan but also a favor. They turned just as Jacquie imagined!

We sat them on the chairs for everyone to have one!

My cousin Chrissy made this beautiful masterpiece for JQ and Donovan to stand under!

Chrissy also found this beautiful topper that she put together. She found the heart and painted white. Took the crystals and put them together with the "C". It was the most beautiful part of the decor!

This candle was to represent my mom. It sat on a stool right in between me and my dad.

My little Princess was a flower girl. JQ's friend and Photographer made the tutu's and head bands for the girls.

While the photographer was in taking pictures of the girls with JQ I stole a smile from her all posed and adorable!! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Me and Crys.

Some of my favorite boys

Ellie was also adorable as always!

Donovan and his son Zack looking very sharp!

While everyone is standing looking at the bride coming down the isle, I LOVE to look at the groom! It's always different with every groom. For Donovan it was a very happy day!

My pops walking Jacquie down the isle.

The sun was just setting and the light in the back yard was perfect!

Jacquie came over to light the candle to represent my mom. Donovan also lite one in honor of his father who passed away years ago. We left the candles burning there long into the night. Just about the time I think my mom would have been done drinking her White Zen. I blew out the candle.

You may now kiss the bride!

Que the music!

My loves!

These two girls.... they were stuck to each other all night like twins. They are two peas in a pod. Love them!

First dance as husband and wife!

I love this dark picture.

My moms brother and myself.

Jacquie and my dad dancing! He was pretty tipsy by the time it came to dance, but I made him eat and then get up there and dance! He did a great job!

This is my favorite picture of my dad and Jacquie.

My little monster stuffing her face with a cupcake. She walked by them all night and kept her hands off of them until it was time!

Rosie and her daddy. Can I re-post this picture is 30 years from now when I'm balling my eyes out because Alana is dancing with her daddy?

Me and my new brother in law! I LOVE the way he loves my sister and her girls. She is a very lucky girl!

JQ and our Aunts.

Me and Chrissy.