Saturday, December 31, 2011

When in LA

For my mother in law's birthday she wanted to go to Olvera Street. Me, Victor and Alana went there a few months ago for the day and we had a good time. So we took Lupe and Celia with us. It was New Years eve day so we weren't sure how busy it would be or how much traffic there would be, but we lucked out! It was a beautiful day out. In the 70's and the sky was beautiful!

While on Olvera Street we found these great performers dancing!

While down in LA we decided to hop on the Gold line, now that I am an expert on the LA metro from my Urban Hunt and see some of LA. Alana's first time at Union Station.

We headed over to Little Tokyo.

In Little Tokyo there was a tree for wishes. For a dollar donation you could write your wish on these beautiful little papers and tie them to this tree. I stood there for 10 minutes and read all the wishes and dreams of everyone passing through. It was pretty amazing!

Alana modeling

Riding the Gold Line.

Proof I was there. I've gotten into this really bad habit lately of not being in any pictures. Going to try and break that this year.

While in LA I saw a lot of art. I really loved this one.

Alana, Celia and Grandma at Union Station

Waiting for the Metro

I Love the look of this city. I could take pictures all day!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Unseen footage

As I was going through pictures on my computer today I came across this one. I never noticed it before. It's from Alana's 1st and only birthday my mom was at. It's from Crystal's camera. This picture made my day! It's getting printed and framed for Alana for sure! Her Grandma Pat loved her so much!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sometimes in my life...

Sometimes you meet someone in your life that you make an instant connection to. You meet them once and you are forever friends. It's happened to me a few times. Sometimes you just meet someone and know you will forever be their friend. A vendor of mine from work came down to CA from Michigan and we were instant friends. She needed someone to take her out and show her California and I was to be that person. We had a great night out on the town and I really got to know her. The next few days that followed we spent a few days locked up with each other in a conference room "working". Or really getting to know each other. One of our first conversations were about death to a close family member. That is pretty much how our friendship started. She came out a few more times and we had a great time and shared secrets we wouldn't tell many people. But neither of us had anyone else to tell so we let it out. Right before Thanksgiving when she came out to "work". Crystal and I took her out for a few drinks and she had gotten the news that her dad that was on life support, had died. While she was in CA, her dad died in Michigan. It was heartbreaking and needless to say made us grow closer. She went home and we texted and emailed and talked. It's amazing how sometimes you can get pretty close to someone without seeing them every day! She was out here right before Christmas and our time together was so much fun!! She rented a car from the airport and to her surprise she ended up getting a red convertible mustang. So needless to say I never came back from lunch that day... we went straight to Laguna Beach for the afternoon! She loved the beach and everything California had to offer! It was a great day! Before she left she gave me this very nice card. I opened it while at lunch but knew the second there was writing inside I would need to read it later...

The card was full of wonderful nice words to me about what a great friend I've become to her in such a short amount of time. All the same stuff I had thought about her. About how awesome it was to have met me. She is pretty awesome at her thoughtful words.
This picture is in front of our EPL office. Hence the chicken. I'm pretty sure this is the only picture we have together. I guess at this point you are asking... "So why are you blogging about this"? What is the point?

I found out today that she has 3 to 6 months to live. She is going to die of cancer. That horrible 6 letter word that I HATE. Her cancer started in her lymph nodes and keeps on spreading. On Christmas eve she was taken into the ER to remove a lung that it had spread to. She only has one lung. She wasn't able to breathe on her own until a few days ago... She called me today and I was SOOO happy. I thought I might never hear her voice again. Did you know you could live with just one lung? I didn't know that.... She's dying and it breaks my heart. She's so far away.

One thing I ALWAYS struggle with is "why". Why in the world would God put me in someone's life just to kill them with cancer and take them away from me? Really? Again. Err. I get so mad sometimes. I don't always know how to handle things like this. She called me tonight to cry and to vent about dying... really? All I could do was be strong for her. I'm not a strong girl by any means. I do NOT deal with cancer well. Some how she needs me. She doesn't seem to have a lot of friends or maybe I just understand her more then most of her friends.... but she needs me. I'm here for her and she's going to die. I don't get it.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cookie Day

Since I was younger my best friend Ashley and her family have always done a cookie day around Christmas. A few years ago Jen invited me to a frosting cookie day and Alana loved it. I've always wanted to start one and this year it just happen to all work out. At last minute my sisters were both around and Jen was too. So I prepared for a cookie day at my house!! I have the smallest oven in the world, but it worked it's butt off that day and worked well!

Aniston couldn't wait to get her gums on a cookie! All smiles from this beauty!

Alana and Lexie stayed busy while we did all the baking so they could frost.

So glad both of my sisters could make it. Yep, I representing my work!

I told Jacquie about these and she made them really well.

Jacquie did pretty much all the baking. She was really good at rolling out the dough and cutting cookies. I don't roll, I just drop cookies into balls, WAY easier, but not as cute.

I was impressed on how well these came out! I won't even tell you the store how a plate of them got dropped by a certain someone and a bunch of them broke... but these ones were saved!!

Aunt Julie and the girls.

They had a great time frosting.

Love this smiling girl

And I love this smiling girl when she smiles! Look at her awesome cookie!!

Hailey was helping the girls frost and sprinkle.

Aunt Julie was in charge of getting the girls what they needed so they could decorate.

Me and my Rosie!

O' Christmas tree

Another of Ellie smiling.

Jacquie and Ellie

Me and the Tarin girls

Cookie day cookies!!!

Victor's work had a Holiday party that we didn't get to attend so instead Santa came to us!!! With all the little girls in the house Santa was sure to be a big hit! I helped Victor get dressed in the garage and then he went around to the front and came through the front door. Alana was so excited that Santa came to visit her!

What do you want for Christmas you ask? Alana says: Mickey Mouse, a big one. Purple socks, books and I want to pet your reindeer... she LOVES the reindeer and knows all of their names!

Santa sat and talked to her and not once did she realize it was Victor?!?! How is that even possible you ask? She's 3 1/2 and she wants to believe. It's part of the innocence that kids at this age have and it's amazing. There was no question in her head. This was Santa from the North Pole. Her mind is amazing.

Lexie only would get close if Jacquie was with her. Ellie knew it was Victor and didn't really care to much for the whole thing.

Hailey and Santa

Alana's favorite Christmas song "I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause". I couldn't resist!

Before any of the girls got to see Santa we snuck in some time for Aniston. She didn't cry, she liked him. She just sat and looked at him. She knew it was Victor. haha.

L.O.V.E this sweet Christmas girl!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December madness

December Started with my niece Hailey turning 16!!! We took her out Cosmic Bowling with some of her friends and I think she had a really great time!! 16 years old seems so crazy to me. My little Hailey Auburn.

Saturday I had a few friends over to re-do Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving day wasn't super great to us this year so we wanted to try again. I've never cooked a turkey so I wanted to try that as well. Here is the only picture I took of our re-do Thanksgiving. But it was fun and super yummy!

Alana has made a few good friends at Preschool. We got invited to a Birthday party on Sunday. It's exciting to get invited to her first school friend party! We had a fun day and meet some nice people!

Sunday evening we picked up our Christmas tree and got to decorating the house! So excited for Christmas this year! Alana is so excited for Santa! She helped us decorate the tree and then tried to help with the topper!

Our house is dec'd out for Christmas!

We had our friends over for dinner last night and Alana and Jilly got to hang out! This little girl is so super sweet and has the sweetest giggle EVER!! I look forward to spending more time with them!
It's only December 6th and so far it's been a super busy month! But I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it!


It was time for Alana to move from her toddler bed into a big bed. So we went out and picked out a new twin bed for her. Along with a bed we wanted to put a little bit of color into her room. So we painted one of the walls in her room. She is always a good help!

A is for Alana
She is 3 1/2 now and has her own big girl furniture!