Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Top

Every day when Alana and I drove by the Ponda Center she mentioned that we will get to go there again when the circus comes to visit. Not kidding almost every single day in the last two years when we lived in Orange. Last year the circus didn't seem like it would be so great, they cut out a lot of the animals, and that's Alana's favorite part. So we didn't go, but this year we had to take her again! We bought some tickets and headed over to Anaheim one night before the circus left town! It started at 7:30, which is kind of late for Alana when she has school the next day. I am proud to say she made it through almost the whole thing. About 30 minutes before it ended, she fell sleep. Not totally surprised, the ending was kind of boring! Here are some of my favorite parts of the night!
 The lions! It is amazing to me that they have so many in one cage and they behave and listen to one guy. I love how they all sit up for him! Pretty cool!

We went to buy Alana some cotton candy and this hat was on the top of it. I think it cost $18 or so for the cotton candy. Victor and I almost had a heart attack but then realized they now come with a souvenir. You don't get a choice. But Alana loved the hat and Jack also played around with it!

Alana finally getting to see the circus again!

They totally look they like are going to rumble in this picture, it cracks me up, but it's so cute! (Currently my background on my work computer)

These Elephants are so cool!
In all, we will probably skip the circus again next year (unless somehow we get free tickets). There was so much song and dance and not enough circus acts for me! Honestly with all of the Cirque shows that are out there these days they really do have a lot to compete with! I would rather spend my $28 a ticket for crappy seats going to see a show at the Performing Arts Center next year!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cause they are cute!

My little chunky guy is a happy boy! He will be 7 months next week! WOW how that time has flown by! I love this little man so much! I can't wait to leave work every day to get home to him! He smiles so big when he see's me! Melts my heart! He has two BIG teeth on the bottom that grew in pretty fast! I am learning that he is not a good teether! When Alana got teeth, I didn't even know they cut through until they were there! Jack has been different. He has had fevers and has been hurting like crazy. Poor little guy had a tough time with these two teeth. Can't wait for more, yay....
Love this smile with his Yellow Submarine outfit on! Thank you Auntie Crystal, Brenda and Christina!

He knows mommy loves him! My big boy!

This picture is so cute. He was so tired, but he was laying there smiling at me as I talked to him. He loves to hear the sound of my voice while he tries to go to sleep.

Soon enough he will be up crawling around. I am pretty content with him not for now. I remember what it's like for the next step. I will be in need of a few baby gates soon!
When it's been a hot day, we have spent some evenings out on the front lawn having a picnic. Alana loves picnics and would spend 24/7 outside if I let her... which sometimes I do :)

 Alana is open to eating and trying so many different things right now. I think that's rare for a 5 year old, but I will take it! She has had sushi around since she was born, and we always try and get her to eat it. This evening she had her own roll. Made a big mess out of it, but she tried eating it and liked it!

My two loves!

I always forget to take pictures of me and Jack, so I promised myself I would take some more often! He is such a mama's boy!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's pink and it's oval

Since FOREVER ago, I have been a really big Save Ferris fan! I remember driving in my brand new off the lot, Ford Focus, windows down, blasting Save Ferris, singing my heart out to every word to every song! Over the years their album "It means everything" has been on a CD in every car I have owned. When I was younger, my sister Jacquie and her best friend Melissa always used to hang out with me and we used to play this CD every day! It's amazing to have now found a best friend who shares my LOVE of Save Ferris too! Crystal also knows every word to every song on that CD! One of our favorite songs from it is SPAM! It's a great song and anyone who knows Save Ferris knows the song! A few months ago Crystal found out they would be at the OC fair this summer so we bought tickets! Instead of spending $30-$50 bucks on a concert T-shirt I made my own with Iron on's! They came out pretty awesome!
Plus, I got to add some special little messages to my sisters shirt!

 While at the fair we ate some yummy fried food! This was the first time I tried the red velvet funnel cake! It was YUMMY!

SPAM girls! Everyone loved our shirts! 

Save Ferris - July 27th! 

Some more yummy fair food!
Me and this super cute boy! 

Hawaii and Spam! Great combo!

LOVED my Spam shirt!

The Usual suspects. No concert is really complete without both of them!

So excited to see Save Ferris

The concert was AMAZING! Monique performed with people that were not her band members, but you would never have known the difference! She didn't miss a beat! The most exciting part was she opened with SPAM! None of us expected that. We all went crazy (well maybe some of us were crazier than others)... but honestly I sang and screamed at the top of my lungs all night! I was so excited to be there live singing along to every one of my favorite Save Ferris songs! Even if Bruce Jenner never knew TV.
I have several video's from before the concert and even during the concert, people puking in front of us, Victor making people trip all over themselves, me screaming and dancing... the night was seriously so fun! I love concerts! We have a few more booked for this year, but I need to get a few more on the calendar too!