Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mr. J-Dub

 Tuesday morning January 8th I woke up telling myself today is going to be the day! I had an OB appt and since I had been having contractions since Thursday last week I had hoped something would give. I dropped Alana off at Victor's moms house so I could go to my appt. I only ate breakfast because I wanted to be ready for my "no eating 8 hours before surgery". That day Grandma made her home made tortillas so when I arrived I had to stop myself from eating them up. I saw my OB and told her about our trip to Labor & Delivery last week and how I had been having contractions since then. She stuck to her no C-section rule before 39 weeks and I did everything I could to try to change her mind. Nothing worked. Then I asked her to check me before I left and see if I had dilated at all. She did, and I had gone to a 1!!! That meant my body was starting labor and she was going to call L&D and tell them we were on our way!
Victor texted me on the way down the elevator and said, How did your appt go? I texted him back. You should head home from work :) He called right away. I told him he needed to start heading home so we could go have this baby! I drove back to Grandma's house to drop Alana's overnight bag off and to tell them the news! Gave my baby girl hugs and kisses and told her I was going to have Jack tonight and we were on our way to the hospital, which she responded "Can I please stay at Grandmas?" Haha. She's such a Grandma's girl!

I headed home, called the few important people I needed to and sat and waited for Victor to get home so we could head to the hospital. That was seriously the longest wait of my life. Laguna Beach never seemed so far away!!! I was somewhat calm but more excited then anything.

We got to the hospital and waited to be taken into surgery for my C-section. Finally around 8 or so they took me over to the OR. This C-section was a LOT different from my first! With Alana I had already been in labor for 21 hours, with a lot of meds in me, they rolled me over to the OR and I barely remember any of it. This time around I walked my own two feet into the OR and got up on the table and ready for my spinal. I sat on the table and looked around the operating room. There was a board there ready for Jack's info to be written on there and a little heated table ready for him to lay. It made me tear up every time I looked at it. While the doctor's prepared I sat there and thought about how in less then 30 minutes or so I would finally get to meet my little man! I thought about how much I missed my mom. I know my mom already know about Jack before I did, but I was so sad she wasn't there to share this with me. She was such a BIG part of my pregnancy and delivery with Alana, I was sad she was missing this. I know she was there watching over us, but it's never the same.

Finally they gave me the spinal and promptly laid me down on the table, setting up all kinds of stuff around me. I remember I could see my stomach in the reflection in the light above me. I freaked out for a second as I thought I was going to be able to see everything they were doing as they cut into me. I asked the dr and they said they would be moving the lights and also the drape will be so high I wouldn't be able to see it anyway. I was happy about that one! After they draped me, it was time to go get the hubby. It seemed like a life time from the time I left him, to the time they let him in the room. I remember from last time I thought they were forgetting to let him in. He came and sat by me and held my hand and we both looked at each other in a nervous look! It was finally time! Then we heard Jack cry and they said he was a boy and it brought tears to my eyes! Next thing I knew I had Jack up to my check to say hi before they were going to send Victor and Jack out while they sewed me up.

*Love at first sight*

Jack and Daddy waiting for me to get out of surgery.

Apparently while I was still in surgery they noticed Jack's blood sugar was low for his birth weight. They decided they needed to feed him so they gave him some formula which I was not too happy about, what it was what was best for him.
When I was out of surgery they gave him to me and all I could do was kiss his little head and love on him!!
Meet Mr. Jack Wyatt. 8 pounds 14 oz. 21 inches long.

Jack was born around 8:45 on Tuesday night. The next few days were full of visitors from nurses, doctor's, specialist, friends and family. We were anxious to get home though, in the comfort of my own house and bed. Thursday was the day we were going home, less then 48 hours in the hospital was great for me! The hospital has a photographer they use to take new born pictures. We dressed him up in his tie to take a few pictures. My sister would be taking his newborn pics so I didn't make too much of this photo shoot. But we did dress him up!

The night Jack was born it was pretty late, close to 11 by the time Alana or anyone else was allowed in to see us. She was very tired and not up for any pictures, she came in, kissed us all and then wanted to go back to Grandma's to sleep. I don't blame her! So the next day she came in rested ready to hold her new baby brother!

We got home Thursday late afternoon and introduced Jack to the house and his room. He laid in his crib for a few minutes. I got the same picture of Alana when she came home in her crib and 4 years later is still is amazing to me that she was that tiny teeny in her crib.
We were so happy to be home and ready for everyone to come over to visit Little Jack. Big sister Alana wants to hold him 24/7 and is loving helping so much with him already!
Big shout out to Kaiser! Honestly I've never been in a better hospital. I thought St. Joe's was amazing with Alana but the brand new Kaiser they built was even more amazing! The service I received there was pretty awesome, from the random nurses in the hall, to the Anesthesiologist. They were all super friendly and pretty amazing!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

False alarm

Thursday nights we have our bible study and this week I happen to mention I would like prayer for patience until this little man decides he going to come out. I have been off of work for 2 weeks now and my ear infection wouldn't go away until my sinus infection cleared up. My sinus infection wouldn't clear up until I had the baby says the doctor.... So I needed prayer! Thursday night about 11:30 I had some horrible feelings in my stomach and then pains... I got out of bed and called Labor & Delivery and they told me to come on in so they could check me in person. So it was time to go. I walked in the bedroom and told Victor we need to get ready to go to the hospital! He called his mom and it would take her about 20 minutes to get over here to stay here with Alana. After all, it was the middle of the night.
We loaded everything in the car and headed to the hospital which was only 4 minutes away. Walked down the longest hall in the world to L&D and checked in. The ended up monitoring us for 7 hours, watching the heartbeat and all of my contractions. The rule with Kaiser and most hospitals is that they won't take you into a C-section before 39 weeks unless your body is actually going into labor. They checked me every few hours and my body was not going into labor. I didn't dilated at all! Nothing. The doctor that was there was awesome! She just kept telling me that she didn't want to send me home, she just needed me to dilated before she could take me into surgery. Apparently my body wasn't ready and after 7 hours of laying in a really uncomfortable bed with contractions and Victor sitting by my side in a chair, they sent us home.... It just wasn't our time yet. I would have to be patient.