Thursday, March 8, 2012

No title

I'm calling this post "no title" because I don't really think there is a title that would be appropriate for this post. If you haven't read my last 3 posts below, I would stop reading now and read the three under this before you continue on with this post…. if you care to hear the whole story.
I'm writing this post because of those 3 posts I've written, otherwise I'm not sure I would have blogged about this at all. But I also feel writing about it may make me feel somewhat better… maybe.

My friend Melissa, from Michigan, became a close friend through work. We shared stories about our lives and our families and we bonded and became really good friends. She was diagnosed with Cancer and only had about 6-12 weeks to live when all this went down. She came to Cali (see below) and I took vacation days to hang out with her. I planned everything under the sun to do while she was here because we wanted to cross some things off of her bucket list. She came, we had a BLAST. She left. It was a very sad goodbye, we hugged and cried and I thought I might never see her again…I was right.
Through a really strange turn of events, a week later I found out that she lied about it all. YES, you read it correctly, she lied about everything. She is not dying of cancer, she doesn’t even have cancer. Her parents and her sister are all ALIVE. That sweet picture on the post from Sea World where the butterfly flew right up to her… it’s all a bunch of Bullshit. (insert Russell Brand's line from Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

I fell for it all, hook line and sinker. I was an easy target, with my mom passing away from cancer just a few years ago. Why didn’t I think to question any of the lies she told me you ask? I didn’t have any reason to. I am a nice and caring person…. there are so many times I look back now at big obvious things I should have questioned but it never occurred to me that she would have been lying about any of it, let alone ALL of it.

My heart broke as I learned the truth. I haven’t talked to her since. I don’t want to talk to her. I had so many people praying for that girl, my entire church and all of my close friends and family. Everyone did so much for her while she was here to make sure that she had the best time she could have. It was all one big lie. I would love to confront her and ask why, I really just would like to know why anyone on earth would suck me in like that just to lie about it all. But those are answers I’ll never get. I thought I was gaining a friend for life. I am a nice person and would have done everything for her as a friend, and not a dying friend so I really don’t see the point to it all. Probably never will. But just had to get it out.

If you are one of my friends that prayed for my dying friend Melissa, please continue to pray her for. She needs a lot of prayer. For different reasons, but she still needs prayer. My heart will mend over time but it has forever changed me regardless.