Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hockey Night

Jacquie and Donovan got some extra tickets to go see the Ontario Hockey Team "Reign". They are the minor league players for the Kings.

Anytime the girls get together it's a fun time! I can't believe but the girls sat in their seats for the whole game, playing, laughing and clapping to the music together! I was impressed!

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Me and my Mr.
Alana and Lexie loves to give nose kisses!

My sweet Lexie! Look how beautiful this girl is! Her personality matches! She is the sweetest little girl ever who loves her aunt meme!!

Mel and her Beau

My girls!

Me and Ellie

Alana go to enjoy some of the game on daddy's lap! She looks so comfortable!

Alana and Ellie

JQ and Ellie
Alana gets the delux ride out!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Princess Tea Party

At the Disney store they had a Princess Garden Tea Party! Alana got dressed up in her Snow White costume and we headed to the mall.

My pretty Princess!!

We met Chrissy and Kali there!

Kali was dressed as Sleeping Beauty!

They got to do a few fun events, a sugar cube run on a spoon, guess which Princess I am. They had a good time. At the end they got to decorate their own tea cup with gems and stickers! Alana showing her's off!

The Disney store puts on these cute Princess events every now and then. We will for sure attend the next as well! Alana enjoyed dressing up and sitting with 50 princesses!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fighting Cancer is Sweet!!!!

Last year I did Relay for Life in Murrietta with my friend Jenny and her Pennies!! This year we are going to do it in Corona where I lived my whole life and where my family lives! It's not until June, we haven't even had our first team meeting yet, but we are kicking it into high gear!! Last night I baked my famous cake cookies and brought them into work and ask people to donate. Of course they didn't have to donate, but damn, can I just say how awesome my co-workers are??? My bucket is full of money already and I still have half the cookies left! One friend even went as far as writting me a $50 check!! For a cookie!! It is amazing to know how generous people can be!!

We named our team in Corona "Another Lap for Pat", Victor's idea!!! Our team goal this year is $1500 which seems very within reach already... Might have to up our goal before June! My personal goal this year was to raise $200, I just found out that the great group of people I am on a committee with, EPL Charities is going to help me make my goal!! I am so happy!! All year long we help a lot of people and charities in our communities and I am so glad they are helping out the American Cancer Society through our team this year in our Corona community! EPL Charities is an awesome group of people and I am so glad to be a part of it! I work hard all year long to raise money with them, and this is awesome for them to do in return! This is my year to "pay it forward" and I am happy to say that I am off to a great start!! Thank you for everyone who is helping sponsor us!! If you would like to help anyone on my team meet their goal as well, click on our team page HERE and donate, even if it's just $5, that will go towards their goal, or our team goal! Heck, if you are reading this, that means you are a friend or family member... come walk with us! Join our team! We are fun and have a lot of great things planned for June!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Alana hasn't been feeling very well this weekend, but you sure wouldn't know it. She is the best "sick" 2 1/2 year old ever! She just wants to be loved... and of course waited on hand and foot (just like her father). But she has been in really good spirits and up for what ever we want to do... long bike rides, the park, the store. Running a fever and a stuffy nose is just fine with her! Every night before she goes to bed we always read her a story and she loves it. I've said a million times before, she has the biggest book collection in the world! Tonight she was reading a Children's bible, but in this bible she read about Mickey Mouse and Spongebob, she followed the words in the books and made up her own words. It was pretty funny. She just made all kinds of stories and words up! She is fully of fun stories all the time! She even sings and makes up her own songs with random stories! She has our creative gene for sure!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Gotta say how much I LOVE my job! Any day before a Holiday they let us out at 2, so I always have a little bit longer weekend and I'm loving the perks!!

Saturday my mother in law came over to visit and wanted to take Alana home with her so we could have a night out! Sweet!! We had a date night! We headed out to see the Black Swan... Holy moly... great fricken movie! So intense and great! Can't wait for that to come out on DVD so I can buy it! We started our date night out with a yummy dinner and for dessert we found this "Mochi Ice Cream Bar". Talk about my dream come true! I am a REALLY big fan of Mochi Ice Cream. It's a yummy ice cream wrapped up in a doughy goodness. They had like 25 different kinds of ice cream. I was in hog heaven. I only bought 3 at first, but the Creme brulee one was so amazing I had to try a few more. So Victor and I tasted a few more! AMAZING!! Going back there soon! We had an awesome date night! Love these nights!

Sunday we packed up and headed to Irvine park where JQ, D and the girls were going to meet us! It was the most beautiful weekend EVER!! With all the rain that we recently had everything was green and the skies were amazing! Victor and I took the girls for a walk down by the creek!

They tried to skip rocks across

My sweet Lexie! I love this girl!

As JQ and the fam headed home for nap time Victor's mom and the kids joined us!

Alana wanted to ride the train around the park. This girl loves trains!!

Except when she's past her nap time and getting a tad sick... this picture makes me laugh!

Enrique and Grandma

Conductor Alana

We fed the ducks, played on the play grounds and rode our bikes for miles! This beautiful weather is really bringing out the "outside family" in us! I LOVE it!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My Uncle Greg turned 60 and his kids surprised him with a wonderful party!
The birthday party was at Greg's moms house on the Golf course. The girls enjoyed the grass to run and be crazy!
Me and me sester
Jacquie and Donovan brought their Karaoke machine and we had such a fun night singing with everyone!
Even the kids got in on the action, they love to sing!
I love the kid friendly parties! Alana loves her cousins!
"Grandpa" Greg and all of his girls!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

This year for New Years eve we kept it low key, had some friends and family over to help celebrate! Kid friendly party! We had a great night and kept it quite, perfect for us this year!

The girls and their own rockband!

We Karaoke'd and rockbanded and then right before 9pm, midnight on the east coast we got the kids ready to celebrate New Years and watch the ball drop.

Happy New Year 2011!!!

With my love
For Christmas Crystals grandma made this adorable scarf for Alana so I had to get a picture of Crystal and her scarf and Alana and her scarf! So sweet!

My cousin Chrissy and I celebrating the new year to come!

**Bestest girls**

JQ, D and the girls!
Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. <3
Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone has a great 2011! 2010 wasn't all that bad, but I'm looking forward to LOTS of babies and new opportunities in 2011!