Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stash Bash

My little man turned 1 years old! Where has the time gone? It's been a great year and I love the hell out of my little guy. He loves some snugglin time with mommy. He calls out mommy when he is sad or scared. He loves to give kisses. He loves to snuggle with dad under the covers in the morning. Jack has such a love for Alana it's amazing to see. He will just walk into a room and hug her. And of course Alana eats it all up. She loves her baby brother! 

The week leading up to his birthday party he was teething like crazy. Even maybe sick, it's hard to tell the difference with this guy. Runny nose, fever, just not feeling well. I really debated even having a party for him because he was just walking around the house crying, sad and I didn't want to just shove him into a party while feeling so horrible. The party was at the park right by our house so I just figured he would be fine and everyone else could play anyway in case he wasn't. 

My decor for the party came together at last minute. As always with me these days. But it came out great and I loved all the pictures of him with his stash! 

How many times do you think I had to explain this one? One too many.

Grandma provided this awesome pinata full of yummy mexican candy! My favorite. 

 Almost every single person that I invited to the party came. It was a full park with tons of friends and family. The kids had such a fun time! Meanwhile, Jack was in someone's arms either crying or trying to sleep. 

 Jack did ok with opening presents, but we are always so lucky to have such a willing little Alana to help out! Presents are her favorite part! Jack got lots of nice gifts and I am so very grateful for everyone and how generous everyone is!

Family picture! Happy Birthday little buddy. I am sorry you didn't feel well!

 It was finally SMASH CAKE TIME!! This poor little guy hadn't eaten much in the entire week leading up to his birthday party, so I didn't think he would want to really eat the cake either. Boy was I WRONG.

I had to get this picture because we took one with Alana the same way! Mom and dad lovin!! 

I got Alana with some cake as well. Made her giggle. Love my girl.

Jack really got into the cake and just keep eating away. I thought for sure he was going to get sick from all the sugar. He just kept eating.

And eating, and smashing between his hands and then sticking it in his mouth!

His non-smash cake that we got to eat. Designed by me!

Time to beat this bad boy up! He did take a few whacks, but all the kids that came really kicked it's butt and made all of the candy come out!

One of the only pictures of Jack smiling from the entire day, heck, that entire week. But Grandma does that to him. He is such a Grandma's boy! 

I love this picture of him and Aunt Jacquie! Her smile makes this picture!

This pretty much sums up the day! Poor little birthday guy pretty much was grumpy and not feeling well the entire party. Grandpa thought it was a good idea to make the same face. Cracks me up!

The weather was perfect for a January day, everyone we loved was there, it was a perfect day, even if this little man of mine wasn't feeling so well. Happy Birthday to our little buddy! Our first year with you has been trying! You are not as easy as your big sister was, but I love you for being so different! You are full of joy but are so SERIOUS most of the time! Alana can make you laugh like no other. You have a smile when you see me after a long day that just melts my heart. Love you my little man!