Saturday, May 29, 2010

Green thumb?

A few months ago I tried to replant some flowers in the front and they didn't work out so well... I always seem to not really be able to keep plants alive if they need my attention... That being said, Alana and I were out for our morning walk and the lady on the corner was having a garage sale so we stopped to look. She was selling tomato plants for $1. They were grown by her from seeds. So I bought a hand full of them to try and grow. I'm going to give a few to my dad because he likes to grow them and I'm going to put a few in the ground in my back yard. I really would like to try to grow some veggies and herbs in our backyard so here goes nothing! I'm going to try and get them in the ground this weekend, updates to follow, either on dead plants or thriving tomato's?? Wish me luck!

While out on our morning walk Alana had to stop and smell EVERY single flower she could reach!
She stopped to take a rest on a little rock in someones yard. Every one in this neighborhood loves Alana because she walks to stop and touch everything and talk to everyone. She's made many friends for us here :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rock Star

How many times have I said it? Tons... my girl is such a rock star! She loves to play the drums, she plays the guitar... all on Rock Band. This weekend we picked her up a Ukulele and this is what she did with it! It melts my heart when she sings about mom and dad!!!

Practice Makes Perfect

My niece Hailey plays the clairinet in her Jr. High band. I got to see her perform this week with her group! Lots of practice and hard work for her but I think she enjoys it and I think she will be great in a High School band... which is just a few months away for her!

My beautiful little girl has grown up to be such a beautiful woman.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1st this season

Crazy to think that Alana is not even 2 yet (counting down the days...) and this is her 3rd Angels Season!!! Victor has been to several games already but this was mine and Alana's first game this season! I won tickets from work, free parking and club seats, couldn't have asked for a better first game for us!

Alana and daddy waiting to leave the house

Alana sporting her Angels jersey that she will soon grow out of! But we did get two seasons out of it!!

My little model

Getting ready to head out!

Alana loved the view and had the whole row to herself. She tried out every seat in the row too!

She sat with Daddy as he explained to her what was going on.

Last year we got a very similar picture of the two of them, had to try again this year so we can have one every season!

She wanted to stand on the mound all by herself.

The whole way home she kept saying, Had fun at Angels mom! She knows what she likes!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A day in the park!

Today Crystal, Jacquie and myself took the girls to Norco to check out the Norco Relay for Life. After walking around the track a few times to scope everything out we took the girls to the playground to play!

Ellie climed a big rock! She's getting so big! She'll be 5 in August, right after she starts her first day of Kindergarden!!!

My little Lexie isn't so little anymore either! She'll be 2 in September! Full of smiles for Aunt meme!

I didn't pose this picture I swear, Ellie loves to hold their hands! They were so adorable all together!

Kisses from Lex.

Me and my Lexie

Time for some lunch at Miguels of course... can't ever be that close to one and not eat there! Aren't they so cute together?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sea World take 3

Take 1

Take 2
For the last 2 years, since Alana was 2 weeks old, we've made our annual trip to Sea World! Victor gets passes every year from work so we drive down and use them! This year it was pretty cloudy out and a lot of the shows were under "rehab". With there not being all that much to do there anyway, we sat and watched all the shows, had lunch and then headed home! A great day trip for us!

Alana was so close to the Polor Bear through the glass. She loved it!

She loved the shamu show, even though we didn't. With all the trainer deaths surrounding the Killer whales this last year at Sea World they've really cut back the show. Not much interaction with them at all. Alana loved when they jumped in the air and clapped big for them.

Sea World didn't seem the same this year, but we plan to go back again soon with Jacquie and the girls, so hopefully we'll have a better day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This week was the "Taste of Anaheim". We've gone for a few years now, a fun time filled with tons and tons of food! The placed is filled with booths from restaurants in Anaheim and everyone hands out samples. Samples don't sound like a lot of food but 20 booths later and samples everywhere, you get so full! Alana ate cookies and cotton candy and shakes... mostly all unhealthy stuff, which is very unlike us to give to her, but she's gotta be a kid right?

She enjoyed plenty of time with Aunt Jacquie going up and down the esclators. Up and down, up and down!

Me and my baby

Then we headed home to do some rockbanding!!! Alana called the drums! She is a good drumer and has even learned the beat... My baby and her music...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They make me happy!!

I've blogged about the Plumeria flowers I will have growing in my back yard soon, but failed to mention the most beautiful Roses I have in the front! Every color you can imagine, rows and rows of them! They are in FULL bloom right now! From the street our house looks so colorful! (Thank God for a gardener!!!)

Roses always make me happy! They are just so beautiful and they smell so good!

On Mother's Day while Daddy had to work, Alana and I went outside and she picked out the ones she wanted me to cut off to bring in the house for our vase! There is nothing like the smell of fresh roses from my garden when you walk in!

This one is amazing, it looks like it's made of velvet and is so big!

Looks almost fake right? I LOVE it!

And of course we had to get a few yellow ones in there!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


You are the person who molded me into the woman I am today. I told you all the time that I wish I could be half the mom to my children as you were to me. You have made me strong, you taught me everything I know. My whole life, Mother's Day has been about you and celebrating you. I will remember you today, honor you, but also celebrate the mom I am, the mom you helped me to be, and will continue to become.
Thank you to my grandma who helped my mom become the amazing woman she was. We have a long string of great and amazing women in our family, Alana and I promise to carry on that tradition! Thank you for being great!
Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing women in my life, my sisters and their daughters, my aunts and their daughters, my cousins and their daughters! Happy Mother's Day to all the mother like people in my life, you know who you are and I thank you for all of your love and support.

My reason for celebrating today

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Girl

Over the last few months we been debating whether or not we should convert Alana's bed to the day bed, her big girl bed. I asked a lot of moms for their advise and decided yesterday was going to be the day. Some moms really hyped it up with their kids, but I just didn't think Alana would really care so why she was out I took off the front bars and voila, a day bed! She likes to use it as a couch where she can sit and read her books. She has all of her Mickey's sleeping with her too.
Her first night went really well, she was happy she could get out when she wants to, but we'll work on that. She slept like a little baby, woke up this morning and started to yell "mommy" like she normally does for me to get her out, but then soon realized that she could get out herself.

We have a rail for the side of the bed, but it wasn't made for this bed and was super big and gave her no space to get out herself which defeats the whole purpose. So since the bed is so low to the ground, we decided to not put one up! She did just great!! Big, big girl in the making!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mom vs Dad

Before Alana was born I came across this little book that was called "Father to Daughter", Life Lessons on Raising a girl. So I bought it for Victor. It has the cutest sayings and poems for fathers in it. This is probably one of the best book anyone could ever by for a dad!

**Her mother will show her how to bake chocolate chip cookies, You should show her how to dunk them in Milk.
**Show her how to play Poker!
**Dance with her always, she'll never be to young or to old!
**Play catch with her even if the ball is pink and full of gliter.

Here is Victor's favorite and it totally applies to Alana and her daddy!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Because she's cute...

As I say all the time, Alana is getting so big and just soaking up everything around her. Her newest phrases are "What happened?" The TV will turn off or something will happen and she says "What happened?". Also "What's that?". A Motorcycle will go by or a big bus will go by and she says "What's that?". I know it's because I ask her all the time to name things as she's learning. So I'll point to a bus and say "What's that?". Or she'll ask "Do you hear that?". She cracks us up sometimes with what she soaks up. A few weeks ago when the gardener was here, she and I talked about the loud noises and what they were, and we sat at the window and watched him. 10 minutes later she had Mickey Mouse sitting on her lap by the door explaining it all to him. She has SEVERAL Mickey and Minnie dolls that she tries to feed and covers them up and rocks them to sleep as she sings to them. This girl is for sure ready to be a big sister! (Don't ask, no not yet) But she is ready regardless!

I've been baking A LOT lately and Alana LOVES to eat the batter!

We've decided to stop cutting her bangs and let them grow out, so I'm trying to find new ways to pull them back... she looks so different without bangs!

Her best buddy in the world, smalls... Smalls lets her hug and kiss and squeeze her without making a peep most of the time.

Alana was given a new play set (new to her) but it's in great shape and Alana LOVES it! Our yard is pretty big so we needed some Alana toys to fill it up!

The weather has been so beautiful out, Alana enjoys sitting out in the yard reading her books.

This girl colors like crazy! She is great at drawing circles, we are working on other shapes, but a circle is her favorite!! She has her dads talents at such a young age. (And loves wearing his hats)

Alana has a great love for counting. For counting everything and anything she can get her hands on, Rocks, fruit, beer bottle caps... She lines them up and counts them!

Alana's favorite thing to do this week is go around and turn all the lights on and off because she finally realized what the switches did!
Can I just brag about my sweet girl for a minute :) She says "Mommy, I Love You" to me and it just melts my heart! She is so loving!! She listens so well to Victor and I and it makes me so happy. I know she'll go through her stages where she won't listen as well, but for now she really does what we tell her to do and don't do. We've only had to do "time-out" maybe a hand full of times, but she's such a good little girl and I'm couldn't be happier! At night when it's bed time she says "Nigh-Night" and gives kisses and walks to her room... waits for me to pick her up and put her in her crib and off to sleep she goes, not one peep unless it's a "Love you" as we walk out of the room! I KNOW HOW LUCKY I AM... trust me. But I'm enjoying every single minute of it while I can. Next step, big girl bed..... YIKES!