Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend was a fantastic weekend! I am a very lucky girl to have such great loving family and a great group of friends!! Friday evening it was raining and I was really afraid it was going to carry into Saturday! But we woke up and the sun was out and it was beautiful which gave Victor and I a chance to clean up and get things ready at the house for a big birthday bash!! Crystal came over and helped decorate and then it was party time!! We got ready for my 2nd annual 30th birthday party!!

I love all of my niece's and nephews!! They are all so sweet and loving! I'm lucky to be close to them, adopted ones and all!

I went from not even thinking of a cake to having 2 home made ones! They were awesome!! Jacquie and Ellie made this one for me.
And the best mother-in-law in the world made this one for me!

Me and Crys

Jacquie and Lexie ~ my new favorite picture!

Me and my hubby!

Me and my mother in law - I love this woman!

Me sesters

Working at EPL I've gotten to know some really great girls who I just love to death!

Me, Crystal, Jen and baby no named!

My other parents

Rosie her Jacquie and her Lex

Drinkin it up for my birthday!! We karoke'd and rockbanded.... perfect night!!

I work with Nick and I just met his wife for the first time, she is way more fun then him! We have another new drinking buddy!

EPL workers!

Me and Christina, aka Snooks

Happy Birthday to me!

Me and my Crys's


Baby Terin coming soon!

The boys

Sangria girls

The kids did so good, they were up until around midnight!! These girls are always troopers!

The night ended, LOTS was drank by all! We had such a great time and everyone went home safely and me in my bed. Another successful birthday party! Why am I getting so old?? OYE!! I woke up this morning to the best news ever!!! Baby Emsley was born early Sunday morning!! I got up and headed out to the hospital, my house looked like a tornado ran through it... as I was leaving I saw snow in my front yard! Ok, maybe not snow, I'm sure it was just icy but it sure looked like snow!! When I got home my house looked amazing!! Victor cleaned up everything and even moped, it was amazing!! He had to mop because people kept spilling their drinks all over!! Crazy party people!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

When going through pics a while back I came across this picutre of my Hailey and my mom and dad. Crazy to see this picture! I miss my little Hailey that way! She's all grown up now! Look how young my parents look! Miss that lady!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snip, Snip

Alana Rose has the longest thickest hair EVER!!! Yes I know most moms (Aug) would kill for this hair on there 2 1/2 year old but geez, I've been dealing with this monster of a head of hair from day one! When Alana was about 7 months old we had to cut her "wings" on the side of her head: click here. So I guess that would have been her first hair cut. But I hardly qualify as a hair dresser. Then right before she was 2 we took her down to get her crazy bangs cut! So offically this is her 3 hair cut... but as for the lengh of her hair, it's never been touched! It was time!! Victor wanted to go shoulder lenght but I honestly was having anexiety about it! I just couldn't do that to her hair!! So we comprimised and we took 3 inches off the bottom!
Look how long this hair is!!
Snip, Snip.
So it's not so short, just shorter! Her curls are still there and I'm happy with the "trim". Poor girl, I've passed on my crazy hair that my mother passed onto me. I know... feel lucky... but you don't have to deal with these 2 heads of hair every day! Love my Rosie's hair!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

V day

This year has been kinda tough on us but for Valentine's Day Victor and I decided to take some time out for ourselves and have a nice dinner! Victor thinks because it's V-day that it's his day :)We headed to Kings Fish House for the best Oysters on the half shell that we can find!!

Some people don't love Oysters like we do but we think they are amazing and it's fun to go have them!
Cheers to us on Valentine's Day!
We had two platters of Oysters and one platter of Sushi! There really is no better dinner for us to have! We could both eat our weight in Sushi and Oysters!!
Thank you for the great surprise dinner babe! Love my Valentine's Day date!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girls night!

Last weekend Crystal, myself and my friend Christina and I had a much needed Friday Happy Hour out!
**Love these girls**

Me and Christina

I think Christina was hungry... And this is some random girl who wanted to be our friend.

Thank you girlys for a fun night out! Nights like this need to happen more often!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from my sweetest girl ever!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!


Monday, February 7, 2011


With this beautiful weather lately we've been getting out of the house as much as possible, taking full advantage of it while it's nice! We've been spending a lot of time riding bikes because it's fun, easy and the best exercise! We live right by the Riverbed and can take it down for miles, turn around and come back and all of a sudden we've gone 8 or 10 miles! We are trying to live the healthy lifestyle and this amazing weather is helping!!

While it's nice outside, it can get chilly for Alana because she is getting all the breeze, so we make sure to bundle her up! She loves the bike rides and I can't wait for her to be able to ride her own along side of us!

Loving the family bike riding time! Priceless!

Alana's hair is so dang long!! I've been trying to figure out new ways of doing it and ways to keep it back without just a pony tail! This was my first attempt at a French Braid! I was pretty excited it came out nice! Her hair is crazy in color! People think I've streaked it, but it's all natural beauty!! She's sooo lucky to have such beautiful hair! She'll probably hate it when she's a teen because God knows I did... too much of it!

Heading out in the beautiful Saturday sun to do some hiking!

Believe it or not in Orange County in the Santa Ana Mountains you can find some of the best trails! I felt like we weren't even in OC anymore. We drove and drove and even did some off roading to get to this nice spot!! Crossed a few streams and only stopped when they had a gate up! A big stream ran down the side of the trail, it was so sarine!

The more recent rains made some of the most beautiful scenes. This rock was covered in Moss and was the prettiest color green!

Alana did so amazing! She was the smallest kid out on the trails! So many people would walk by and she was hiking up the trail and say "Oh, she's so little to be up here". But she was awesome! We walked uphill for an hour in the beautiful trails! Then we thought we should probably turn around because that meant an hour down as well! That's a LOT of walking and climbing for a 2 1/2 year old! So we turned around and headed back!
We had to cross 2 different "streams" there and back, which was very interesting! There were rocks and logs to cross over the streams but that was not an easy task!
We didn't make it all the way up like we wanted to but for having Alana with us the day was just perfect and just the amount of hiking! On the way down daddy decided to give her a break!

Victor and I will go back soon and hike all the way up, maybe Alana will hang out with Grandma that day! Days and weekends like these are what I live for these days! A new healthy lifestyle is right up my alley and I'm loving every minute of it!
**Another weigh in today! More success!!! I'm down a little over 6 pounds from the last 2 weeks! Very excited and a lot of work, but we'll worth it!