Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Month Two

February pictures! I don't even know where to start with all of the pictures and stories I have. So first, picture overload and then maybe I'll have time to go back and fill in some stories :)

My littlest man is awake a lot more these days and getting so big! His 2 month appt he weighed in a 11 lbs and 12 ozs! He is a BIG BOY! Not that I expected any less. He is a great eater! He eats every two hours on the dot! Month 2 has been most challenging but he is worth every grey hair on my head and every tear shed.

He is happiest right after he eats!

My friend Christina bought him this cute outfit and it was perfect
because it happen to be 80 degrees out that week!

Big sister is always lovin on her baby brother!

Little Brother! Love this eyebrow look on him!

Snuggle time in bed with daddy!

Sometimes if this is where he falls alseep for a nap, this is where he stays!
He is a big snuggle bug!As was Alana, I am a lucky mommy!
He is my sunshine! I LOVE this! He is catching some rays!

My new Valentine!

Alana and I spent some time putting together this frame for Victor for Valentines day
with the pictures that my sister took! Those will be posted soon too I promise!

He looks like Brain from Pinky and the Brain in this picture and it cracks me up!

Alana loves holding her brother and feeding him!
The only thing she won't do is change his diaper! Do you blame her?

Just chilin

First trip to the beach!

Jack's first trip to the beach was when he was about 2 weeks old! We waste no time doing anything around here. We are NOT one of those parents who shelter our kids until they are 8 weeks old! That's a whole different post in itself!
I am lucky to have a great best friend that flew down here from Colorado after Jack was born! Ashley and David stayed at the house with us and spent a week here getting to know Alana more and meeting Mr. Jack! It was so nice to have them here! I missed them before they even left!

What's cool is that they were there for Alana's first trip to the beach as well. Now only if I could get them to move their butts back out here and they could be by the beach all the time!!! 

Ashley and David where their heart belongs... to the beach!

 Big sister playing in the sand

While we were down in Laguna, we took Jack for a
visit at Dad's hotel so everyone could meet our new little man!

Some QT with the kids

Aunt Ashley snuggling with Jack.