Sunday, July 15, 2012

90 Years

On Saturday we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th birthday! This is by far the oldest person in my family and he is still doing so great! It is amazing to me that you can live to be 90 years old and still be in good shape! He is not in the "best" shape by any means, but for being 90, I'd say he's great!
My mom's dad died when my mom was 12 and this man stepped into her life and was always so great to her! He is the only Grandpa I've ever known and is a great grandpa to have! I'm so happy that he is still here with us to celebrate so many years! Here's to another good 10!!! Love this man!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When life gives you lemons...

Alana’s baby “Flower” is the size of a lemon this week! We
hit the 3 month mark! I LOVE to compare the size of a baby to fruit or veggies!
It was my favorite part of being pregnant the first time as well as this time!
When I was pregnant with Alana my mom would ask me every week, “What fruit are
we this week??”. It’s tough to do this pregnancy without my mommy this time
around, but am so very grateful that she was here for my first!

Let’s see… I’m still feeling super sick at least 3 times a
day (most days). No rhyme or reason to it. No specific time, could have just
eaten or not. I could be sitting at my desk at work or lying in bed at night. Nausea
does NOT discriminate! Jerk, that Nausea. My lemon sure feels like a watermelon
already! They say you show sooner the second pregnancy and boy is that the case
for me! Not to mention I am not skinny to begin with. Clothes are super tight
around my stomach so this weekend I actually went out and bought a few new
pairs of work pants. I’m LOVING life at work this week already because of it!

Alana kisses and hugs my tummy every chance she gets. She
has no clue what is going to happen in her life, but I’m happy she loves the
baby so much already. We still have plenty of time to prepare her for January!

I stopped drinking Coffee and anything that has caffeine in
it. Yes, go ahead and insert your opinion here. But caffeine has never been a
friend of mine even not pregnant. So it’s just better that I stay away from it.
I’m not that person that can’t function without coffee. I JUST started drinking
coffee about 6 months ago when I meet Iced Coffee. And as fast as I started the
habit I thought it was a good time to stop it! Mind over matter. And it really
doesn’t matter that much to me….

I’ve been walking about 6 miles a week, trying to stay
active! Dr. said I shouldn’t be jogging. So my running partner next door to me
has been awesome enough to continue our 2 mile mornings with fast paced walking
instead! She normally gets out and runs a mile or two before I meet her.
Between time on the bike, just in the neighborhood and my walking 2-3 days a
week I’m doing really well. But that also makes me MORE tired! I can’t get away
from being tired. Too tired to get out of bed in the morning but too bad cause
I gotta drag my butt to work! Too tired to do anything when I get home from
work, but too bad cause I have a 4 year old, husband and a life. Too tired to
do anything but sleep on the weekends, but too bad cause it’s summer time and
have plans almost every weekend. Not sure if it’s just “Life” or being pregnant
that is making me so tired. But I HATE it. It makes me feel so lazy and I hate
being Lazy!!

Life the past few weeks seems really overwhelming. I’m the
type of person to be thinking 6 months down the road. Especially now!! It’s
just my nature. I thank my mom for that. You can tell me not to worry about
things that are going to happen or not happen in 6 months but it’s nearly
impossible for me. Things that are going on right now are effecting 6 months
from now! Work is overwhelming and my plate is more than full! I have too many
projects and not enough time or energy in the world for them. I can only pray
that after I have “Flower” I won’t have to come back to this place, but as it
stands right now I’ll have to. Unless things change drastically in the next 6
months, which is what I’m praying hard for every single day!

Trying to stay positive for my family is tough to do when I
feel like crap every day and am this tired. But I’m trying! Every hug from my
love bug and every laugh from my happy husband really helps me! Not to mention
the ice cream. That always helps too! Onto my third month! Hopefully soon that
jerk head Nausea will leave me alone and I’ll want to actually take some time
to do my hair again and feel good about myself!