Monday, September 16, 2013

Moving and talkin

And he's on the move people! About when he turned 8 months he started getting up and moving! When he is on the hardwood floor he does use that to pull himself because he isn't too fast at crawling yet. But he is getting faster by the day, and pretty happy about it too!
His talking cracks me up. He makes the funniest sounds! I could watch this video over and over again, please ignore my stupid voice.

Friday, September 13, 2013

So proud

Miss Rosie was so excited to start Kindergarten! On the very short walk across the street to her new school she said to me "I can't wait to make a bunch of new friends". Totally MY daughter! Victor, myself and Jack found out where her classroom was going to be and then walked her to it. Sat down in the back while she sat on the carpet with 32 other kids, waiting for direction. The Teacher first started with taking attendance. The kid was to get up, come up to the front and get a name tag put on them, then turn around to the class so everyone could say "Good Morning (insert kids name)". They called her name and she looked across the room at us for approval. We both shook our heads  to say GO! She got up and walked up there and did a great job! It was a fun way to get to know which kids would be in her class. Some looked scared to death and some looked really sure. I think Alana was somewhere in the middle.
They took all the kids out to tour the school while her new teacher, Mrs. Szekel, talked to the parents. Good thing too, I had tons of questions! They did a good job of putting information together for the parents that answered just about all of my questions.
I didn't pack a snack because I didn't know we needed to, so Alana got pretzels from the school. Victor and I headed out to let them have their first day of school. I was sad she was growing so fast, but so happy that she is just so adaptable and positive! I really do love this little missy! I love how proud she was to be starting school and how excited she was to meet some new friends!
I had Victor call me when she got out so I could talk to her. She said the normal things, it was good, fun, I meet new friends. That's it. She is little girl of little words when it comes to that kind of stuff. But the rest of the week she has been excited to go. Hopefully that lasts awhile! Can't wait for homework packets and PTA meetings! You know I signed up...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Can't handle the cuteness!

My littlest man is 8 months old! CRAZY how fast the time has gone. I know I will always say that! It's crazy when I look at my blog from when Alana was 8 months old. They are SO similar. But can I just say that I raise some REALLY happy babies? That is awesome! Jack just started crawling last week. He is still trying to get the hang of it, but doing well with it. We have hard wood floors at the house so he can just pull himself around without crawling, but he seems like he wants to crawl! He has had 4 teeth for some time now, there are two more top ones coming in right now. That makes 6 at 8 months! He is very loving and loves to cuddle. He will drop his head down on your shoulder and almost hug you. When he is a tired boy, he loves to be in my arms. He sucks him thumb when he is tired and trying to fall asleep. Every time I walk in the door from being at work, he gets so excited and love to kiss me. (Open mouth, biting my cheek off kiss). Last week he said what I consider to be his first word! For the last month every time I call Alana's name out, he would repeat in the same tone and just say Ahhhhh. Well last week Alana was at Grandma's house and Victor and I were in the living room with Jack. I was messing with him and calling out Alana's name. He full on repeated me and said Nah-na. Two syllables and all! His sister is his world and he loves her more than anyone. I am not totally surprised about it being his first word! He talks and makes lots of words and sounds that mean nothing yet, but it's so cute! When he is tired he "sleep talks" as Alana calls it. He is eating a lot of different baby food now. Anytime I can, I give him fresh fruit and veggies. He mostly sucks on them. He loves the little yogurt bites and puffs. He eats those like a champ these days! 8 months and my little guy is just such a love bug! I hope he stays so sweet!
Last weekend we were at Victor's hotel and my sister Jacquie and the fam came down to hang out. She brought her camera and so I went to town on taking pictures of him. These seriously came out so good. I need a great camera!! Dang my kids are cute. I am one lucky mama!