Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Only 31 weeks to go!

Oh man! It's amazing how different this pregnancy is than Alana's. With Alana I was not sick one day and I'm pretty sure I've been feeling so sick since the day I found out I was pregnant. Whoa, what a change!! Not only am I sick ALL THE TIME, but I can't believe how TIRED I am. I never in a million years thought that growing a tiny baby so early in pregnancy would make me this tired! It's crazy how your body works! Working and already having a 4 year old makes for this pregnancy being different as well. Obviously I worked before, but at that job I didn't do a whole lot, where I am now I work TONS and don't get too much down time.
The first few weeks Alana wanted to name the baby "Blanket". No, she has no idea that's MJ's kids name. It was pretty funny. She now would like her sister named flower. Why you ask? I thought at first she was just picking random objects, but it turns out she has some logic behind Flower. Sleeping Beauty was Briar Rose, she is Alana Rose, so why not name her sister Flower?
I know, I keep saying sister. Alana will not have a brother, she only wants a sister. In her words "So she can grow up and be just like me". She loves herself! Haha. It's funny what a 4 year old thinks about.
I didn't start my blog until a month before Alana was born so I don't "remember" a lot of milestones of my pregnancy with her. When I felt her for the first time, when we found out it was a girl, all that fun stuff. So I may have a mix of both on here so I can "remember". And by remember I mean that anything I have on my blog I remember. Because it's here in writing and in pictures! That's how I remember stuff.

Friday, June 22, 2012

3 + 1 = four

I know, it's just a tiny little peanut! But it's MY tiny little peanut that is baking inside me!!! This is love at first sight!!

Someone has been so excited to be a big sister!!

The week of my Relay for Life (pics coming soon) it was a stressful week. I laid in bed Sunday morning and my stomach started to feel sick. I thought I might throw up. Then I remembered a conversation that Crystal and I had about how bummed I was going to be when I had the visit from my aunt flow during Relay. Porta potties are no bueno. Hmm... So I counted the days since my last and knew I needed to take a test! Victor and I ran to the store to get a test and came home and tested. I made him go look to see if had one or two lines. He walked out of the bathroom and said "I THINK it has two lines" with a BIG smile on his face. You think?!?! Well it does or it doesn't, as I run into the bathroom to confirm for myself! IT DID! We cried, we were excited and freaking out at the same time. Holy crap. Game changer.
I made my first few phone calls to my usual suspects. Then it was off to Grandma's house to pick up Alana. Telling Alana was going to be so fun because for the past 6 months she had been talking about wanting a baby sister. Her teacher at school was pregnant so she knew a little bit about it. She even went as far as the month before I even found out, she drew our family picture with dad holding a little baby. She knew?!?! She hoped. We told Alana and she said REALLY?!?! So excited and gave me a big hug. We told her to go tell Grandma that mommy had a baby in her tummy. This would not have been the first time she told Grandma those words. Although this time it was the truth. Grandma brushed them off because she knew Alana had cried wolf before. Alana repeated it to Grandma 3 times before she took it seriously! It was a great moment!
Things have changed so much from the day I found out I was pregnant with Alana. Since then being on facebook I've known so many people to have been pregnant and then have a miscarriage. I've seen several of them play out on facebook and it's heartbreaking. I held it back until I could get to the doctor and heart that heartbeat for myself. In the meantime we've had so many changes going on I've been so stressed out. Which added to the stress of worrying about a miscarriage. Crazy how that works. Things are so much better now. At almost 9 weeks I got to see my peanut and see the amazing little heartbeat. The tears it brought to my eyes I can't even explain. The stress that is lifted off of me is amazing! I'm having another baby and I couldn't be happier. There is NEVER a perfect time to plan for a baby, but I feel like this is the best time ever! God knows what he is doing.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crazy Nap time

When Alana gets into bed at night or for a nap during the day time, she knows she's not allowed to play with her toys in her room. That doesn't stop her from getting up occasionally and bringing something to bed with her. The day of her birthday party when I went to wake her up from her nap, I found her with her umbrella, which she adores because she painted it herself, laying in bed over her. Of course I had to run out and get my camera so I could take a picture. This girl makes me laugh!

Then yesterday while taking a nap she apparently thought it was too bright in her room. Victor went in to wake her up and found her in her new Hello Kitty Sunglasses. I love my funny girl!