Friday, May 24, 2013

Where does the time go?

Mr. Jack man is getting so big so fast! I forget how fast the first year goes. Jack had his 4 month appointment along with those fun shots a few weeks ago and my little big guy weighed in at almost 17 pounds! He is my little fat man! I LOVE it! We are enjoying our time together after work and on the weekends! Alana is still being a super great big sister and LOVES to hug and squeeze the boy. Victor works a lot of nights and weekends so I get to spend a lot of quality time with the kiddo's, and while some days it's too much, I love hanging with them! The love Alana has for Jack is pretty amazing and I love when I can capture it in a picture! The LOVE of a sister and brother!

Me and my babes!

Jack is getting big enough to play in his saucer, which is so much fun to watch!

Big Sister is going to be 5 soon and is full of so much love. She is a very emotional almost 5 year old, and it scares the hell out of me. I can't even imagine a 12 year old Alana. We are in for a ride, that's for sure! She "graduates" preschool at the end of June and starts Kindergarten shortly after that! My baby is going to Kindergarten. That is madness! She took a Kinder assessment and passed with flying colors. She knows so much and is starting to be able to read words. Her little brain is soaking up so much! It's exciting to see her learn so much.
My baby guy is so full of smiles, but sometimes can be so hard to capture on camera. The second he see's the camera or phone, he stops smiling. I swear that's always the case right? Any second time parents out there will understand this issue I am having.... When Alana was born I was anti Pacifier, because I HATE that three year with one stuck in their mouth. You can't understand what they are saying, you can't see them smile. Take the damn pacifier out of their mouth! Alana ended up sucking her thumb because of it! ... Well damn. That's not what I wanted either. I can't take away her thumb like I can a pacifier. BUT at least she ONLY is allowed to do it in her bed at night and not while we are out at the grocery store or out to dinner. I am pretty strict about it too. Again, I hate to see those kids out in public in the middle of the day with their thumb stuck in their mouth! SO... being a second time mom, I told myself I was going to give Jack a pacifier so at some point we could be done with it. Not to mention with all of his crazy crying when he was born, it's the only way I could get him to be quite for a while. I tried and tried to give that stupid pacifier to him since the day he was born. I tried two different kinds. The kid would keep spitting it out. He was just not going to be a pacifier kid either! So he also found his thumb.... Hopefully I will be able to control that thumb sucking like we have been able to with Alana. But he loves his thumb! 

My little fat man does not want to roll over yet. He is almost there and wants to, but I'm pretty sure the size of those legs and the rolls on them are preventing him from actually rolling! Soon enough I will have a little rollie pollie on my hands like I did with Alana! 

This picture makes me smile because no matter what is going on, the second Alana starts to talk, he looks around for her and all of his attention is on her. He smiles at her and melts my heart. He loves his big sister! 

Here is my fat boy with no clothes on! I LOVE the rolls! I will be sad when he grows out of them like Alana did. He is a healthy boy, that's for sure!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day this year we took Alana to go see Rain, the Beatles Tribute band! The day I told her we were going to see "The Beatles" in concert, she squealed so loud and jumped up and down, she was so excited! It made me so happy to see her so excited! Victor and I saw Rain a few years ago and the whole time we were there, we kept wishing we had brought Alana. We promised that when they came back into town we would take her to see them! I bought the tickets on a discounted website so I knew they wouldn't be great seats, but we didn't care, we were happy to be there! As soon as the curtains went up and Alana could see the Beatles on stage she was so excited! She looked at me and said "mom, is that the real Beatles"...... UM... Yes. I lied. She'll figure it out one day, but in the moment I couldn't tell her, even when she directly asked. Hell, she's only 4 so it's not like she understands anyway.
This was Alana's very first concert! Start them young! One of my favorite parts of the day was when I was asking Alana what song she was most excited to hear them play. She said "Hey Jude". Victor has been singing that song to her since the day she was born. If she can't sleep or he would be rocking her, that was the song he would sing to her. No twinkle twinkle, it was always Hey Jude. It always had a calming effect on her. So when she said it, it melted my heart!

During the performance you weren't allowed to take pictures, but I had to sneak one of Alana. During intermission Victor bought Alana drum sticks that say "Rain" on them. She used them to play the air guitar for the 2nd half of the show as she rocked out to her favorite Beatles songs.  They were done with their set and ready to end the show when they decided to play one last song. I assume like everyone else, they plan it that way... They sang "Hey Jude" as their very last song. It was pretty awesome! One of my other favorite parts was when the "Paul" of the bunch sang Yesterday. I balled my eyes out the whole song. It will forever remind me of my mom and it made me wish she could be there with us. I love to continue to teach my kids things that would make my mom proud!

As a close to Mother's Day we took Victor's mom and dad to dinner. A month or so ago, Alana and I made Grandma some stuff at Color me mine. Alana painted her a Mermaid Jewelry box and I made her a platter with Jack's footprint and Alana's handprint. They came out great and she appreciated the home made gifts. Not having my mom to hang out with on Mother's Day was tough and will always continue to be I'm sure. But I love my Mother In Law so much, and I am so thankful for her and all she does for us. This lady is pretty amazing!