Sunday, November 20, 2016

Smalls Gonzalez

This week has been a tough week. Smalls stopped eating a few days ago that we noticed. She's been pretty blind and deaf for a few years now but she's always been over pretty normal. She runs out when we come out there, she eats bowls full of food every day. She pretty much was a normal old lady doggy until this week. We brought her inside and gave her lots of lovin, but realized that she wouldn't even take a hot dog or cheese out of our hands, she would just keep her mouth closed and turn her nose. At one point I started to force feed her with a sirnge some Pedilyte just so she wouldn't be dehydrated. After about 4 days of debating what to do with her yesterday she was slowly walking and her back legs kept giving out and she would kind of fall. Just the back half of her body. She wasn't able to hold herself up anymore and I knew at that point that Victor and I had to make a decision on what to do with her. She wasn't whining or whimpering like she was in pain, but after not eating and now she could barely walk, we knew we had to take her in and have her put down. We took her into the vet and they told us that there wasn't a whole lot they could do. So we said our goodbye's and gave her hugs and kisses and they took her away. It was a very hard decision to make, but I think it was the best for my Smalls. 
When Victor and I started dating 14 years ago, we got Smalls from his sister when she was just a baby and we took her home and made her our new baby. She slept in the bed with us, she rode in the car, went everywhere we went and we even at one point bought a pouch to carry her in when we went bike riding. She was our baby! One weekend while we went out of town, she stayed at Grandma's house and got knocked up by Tigger... She gave us 3 beautiful little puppies to love and take care of! That was the best expierence ever! In her old years she pretty much just layed around and soaked up the sun. Ate and just hang out with her sister Roxy. We will miss our little Smallsy! But she is out of pain now, hanging out in doggy Heaven! Miss you already Smallsy girl. You were my first baby doggy and we will miss you being part of our family.