Sunday, December 8, 2013

Breakfast with Santa

This year, like last we got to have Breakfast with Santa at Victor's hotel on the beach! It was fun to get the kids dressed up and put them on Santa's lap! Alana told Santa she wants a barbie house and the Barbie with a horse... Looks like it's going to be a barbie Christmas this year! I was a bit nervous about Jack. Although Alana never did it, I have seen tons of kids scream their heads off on Santa's lap. We sent Alana up first so she could talk to him in peace and then I dropped Jack off on his lap next to Alana and he looked up at him, and just stared. He look at us calling his name and never cracked a smile but never was scared either! Worked out perfectly for his first time on Santa's lap. (Ok, well second time, but it doesn't count if Grandma takes you and doesn't even tell me.. Not so happy about that)

He is a serious man! But my babes did look adorable all dressed up! They enjoyed the pancakes and the drive to Daddy's hotel. Always enjoyable! Adult party next week which was pretty awesome last year, so I'm expecting it to be just as awesome this year. (Plus I won't be "about to pop" as I was last year).

My handsome boys!

Me and my sweet Christmas babes!

Santa by the beach!

Happy boy! 11 Months old

Rosie Posey!

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